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Creating how to videos and learning about aquariums in this video production gig in Dallas, TX

Last month I had the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Hong from Powerlunch Production in a series of videos for eHow.com and I must have to say that it Read more

Documentary Mercury Undercover

amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning as seen on the documentary Mercury Undercover. An eye-opening film that exposes the real story behind greed and Read more

The new world of VOD and hybrid distribution

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Mercury Undercover will hit Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles and more stores!

After the great success we had with Dr. Mercola featuring our film for 5 days for free, we are now in the stage of DVD sales with major retailers. Read more

Indie Mind TV is ON – New website featuring indie documentaries, web series and independent filmmakers

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Producing a movie is not an easy task. Distributing or exhibiting a movie is even a harder one.
Indie Mind TV was created by Elizabeth Hong from Powerlunch Production and Daniel Montoya from The Indie Mind as an alternative for independent filmmakers to showcase their work to an audience looking for alternatives to the monopolized broadcast cable stations.
Indie Mind TV focuses on documentaries, web series and factual content. At this first stage it will provide content via the website www.indiemind.tv and in the near future it will broadcast via OTT boxes like Roku and Google TV with a wider programming and a Pay-per-View model that will help filmmakers profit from their creations.
Because the channel is created by two filmmakers, they know the struggles and hard work that making a movie involves. Is for that reason that Indie Mind TV open its doors to filmmakers looking to present their work without limitations and offering the opportunity to build an audience, create discussion and sell their film.

This is a promising site and IPTV channel that will feature some of the most controversial and beautifully executed films in the history of cinema.
At the moment there are different films with recognized and award winning filmmakers like Amanda Bluglass from U.K who has worked for BBC and that now develops and produces her own films. The documentary Amanda is presenting is called: “Ray: A Life Underwater”
Another great film is a travel story shot in Choco, Colombia in a small town of fishermen with the amazing quality of whale sightseeing and surfing. This Travel Story is called: “Colombia: Stand Up Paddle”
Another great documentary took over 6 years of hard work by director Marc Morera is “I Want to Be” a beautiful story shot in Ghana and showing the stories of a few kids that live and dream in an orphange willing to survive and be regardless their harsh living conditions and tragic stories.
There are lots of more movies in the channel at this moment. Feel free to visit the site and leave your comments!

CollabFeature, a movie with different directors worldwide

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When I was contacted by Lauren Ayles and Marty Shea to ask me if I was interested in being part of this amazing project, I had no other answer than to say absolutely YES.
The idea of writing, directing and producing a full feature in a collaborative way, reminded me immediately of one of the reasons why I wanted to be a filmmaker: the Surrealists.
The same way Andre Breton and Philippe Soupault decided to write together stories and compiled them into the amazing book “The Magnetic Fields” (1920), this movie captures the essence of blending thoughts, minds and efforts to make a long feature fiction movie, keeping the same character along all the minds working on it but keeping the distinctive characteristics the region, filmmaker and actors have to offer to make it unique at the same time.Bob Coonrod in CollabFeature

We all pitched the scenes we wanted to make, we all took care of our segments in regards to actors, production, etc, and we all read, comment and agreed on the final version of all the short scripts written that now composed the whole movie.
My segment was titled: “Out of Hand”, a script that I ended up writing with Paul Douglas, a very talented writer and long time comedian that brought to the table that comedy knowledge and an unique performance as the “Lawyer” that tries to convince the main character “Man in Brown” to do something he is not supposed to.
My “Man in Brown” was played by veteran actor Bob Coonrod, who has been in plenty of movies sharing the screen with recognized actors like Richard Gere and actresses like Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd. From the beginning Bob and Paul were dedicated to their roles and took the time to rehearse the scene and elaborate a moment that is clear now every time I watch the scene, I cannot be happier with the results. From the script to the final cut, the scene is just as funny as the original idea (if not better) and filled with that dark, sarcastic comedy I’m such a fan of.
I must say was lucky to find other great actors to be part of the scene as golfers. First of I want to mention Ka Beesler, an actor that I met along the way via Bob and that from the first time seem like if the “Mad Golfer” role was written just for him. The cast couldn’t be better now with the three main roles assigned to these three great actors. The result was obviously outstanding and as british director Craig Lines said: “…This will definitely be the funniest segment of the film!…”

Paul Douglas in CollabFeature
The golfers were played by: Ralph Goin, Joel Hendrick, Andrew Petry, Morgan Jaye Williams, Richard Houghton, Jerry Guyer, Jeevan and Mike Worley. One week before the shoot one of the actors part from the project leaving a spot for Eric Kuhns who took the role of the “Walker” and did an amazing job.
I have to also thank Elizabeth Hong, Oksana Smetanyuk and James Grim for all their assistance in the production of this scene.
After being declined by a lot of golf courses in town, Mike Worley step up to the plate and through him we were granted permission to shoot at the Pecan Hollow Golf Course in Plano, TX. After seeing this location I was thrilled with the amazing quality of its greens and the diverse landscapes I could use for the film, huge thanks to Steve Heidelberg.
Traci Moore took care of the make up department, providing with her talent all the realism required to accomplish this scene perfectly well. I’m very grateful for such a great team!
Ok, that’s my blog entry for today.
Here is the interview with Marty Shea on CNN about CollabFeature

Mercury Undercover a documentary about mercury poisoning and amalgam fillings

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Since the launch on October 28th 2011. We’ve been very busy dispatching copies of the Mercury Undercover DVD.

I’m very happy to let everybody know that the DVD has over 70 minutes of extras and deep interviews with the experts.

So far, people have welcome the knowledge and our streaming is easy and reliable, we have posted on the documentary’s website a page exclusively for videos. The videos compiled in here are the videos we wanted to give on the DVDas more additional materials, however the space was limited in the disc, that’s why these videos are free to watch.

This is one of those videos, very important for people to learn about this and very important for me to post it here:

We have on the site, the whole documentary en Español as well, all subtitles have been detailed executed for a perfect translation of this medical problem.

dangerous chemicals in the mouth

amalgam fillings are dangerous


DOCUMENTARY: Mercury Undercover

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“Mercury Undercover” unveils the dirty truth about the dangers of mercury and how those people in power would love to “protect” you from the real truth. This compelling docu-film brings light to a problem that affects more than you ever imagined.

“Mercury Undercover” exposes the cause and effect of the well-hidden evidence of mercury contamination as seen through the eyes of doctors, scientists, environmental experts and mercury-poisoned survivors. This film exposes the nature of people and the terrible things that some do just for the sake of money. It is a gripping tale that will make you think twice before you eat your next catch-of-the-day or plan your next visit to the dentist’s office.

To learn more visit www.mercuryundercover.com



Jace, a video profile

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I had a few months ago the opportunity to visit an incredible paintbrush artist. His name is Jace, and he works close to downtown Dallas at a shop call Other Side Customs.

The work these guy do there is awesome, from custom painting of motorcycles, cars and accessories to custom built vehicles like hot rods and motorcycles.

Thanks to Elizabeth Hong from Powerlunch Production, I had the opportunity to visit them and work towards a short piece for VIMBY, now VideoInMyBackyard.

The Indie Mind shot this video in 2 different days looking to capture the passion, troubles and excitement that being a paintbrush artist means. The original video was almost 10 minutes long but due the network demands I had to cut it down to 3 minutes.

Jace is an artist that is inspired by life, death, the city and music. Rock plays a big role in his creations and his originall artwork its been exposed already in different art galleries across the metroplex. Check out the video and enjoy!